Custom Facebook Page Design

Facebook has almost edged out Google in the amout of visitors and time spent on the site in Amercia. This means that Facebook is as important to your business as Google Is.

Social Media for Business

Facebook is specially good for business as it lets a business create a custom Social Media. This allows individual to become a fan of the business. This allows you as a business to then send alerts and information to your facebook fans.

Why is Social Media for our business so important?

Stats show that 68% of Facebook users are likely to buy a product from you if they follow your business fan page on Facebook. Here are some stats on Facebook to show how being a fan of your business can influence a facebook user. We can help you reach out to these users by creating a custom Social Media for your business.

Custom Social Media

Since last year, we have built a range of Social Medias for our clients. We can also built a Custom Social Media for your business. This way you can reach out to your facebook fan base and promote your product to your Facebook Fans.

Why should you pay for Custom Social Media Design?

So the question is why you should get Web Bondi to build your Social Media. The reasons are many but to sum it up, we can create custom things on your Facebook page, such as a professional landing page that your visitors see when they land your Facebook page. Listings of all of your services, listings of all of your products and even an enquire now button that directly sends an email when a user fills it out. Below are the screenshots of what we currently have at our DzineClub Australia custom Social Media. Please Click on the images to view that page directly.

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